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Is Your Child Safe at Home? What parents do not know. . .

that each have a brief explanation following the list.*Ingestion of an object*Burns*Slamming doors*Drowning in a toilet*PetsThe number one cause of death or serious injury to a child, according to Dr ... she peers into the toilet to see what is on the inside she has a good chance of tipping forward and drowning. It is a necessity to keep an eye out for water when infants are around because what seems ...

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Pool safety for children and how to ensure that children are safe when playing in backyard pools. it includes government regulations.

supervision of the children could result in a child incapable of swimming ultimately falling in and drowning. A child can adequately keep themselves above water on their own and without the correct me ... fences and gates;* public education campaigns (see point 11); and,* improved collection of data on drowning and near-drowning incidents, the numbers of swimming pools and patterns of use, and the pre ...

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"Not Waving but Drowning"

The poem, "Not Waving but Drowning" written by Stevie Smith strongly exemplifies the deceptive attitudes of people when hiding ... ongly exemplifies the deceptive attitudes of people when hiding their true melancholy. Smith uses a drowning situation to familiarize the reaction of onlookers and society. In the poem, the victim giv ... on-lookers ignore him. The onlookers do not realize that the victim is not waving but in actuality drowning because of the extent of his deceptive past. By doing this, Smith tries to symbolize the im ...

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Hypothermia, the Diving Reflex,and Survival

flow as well as laryngospasm, which protects victims against rapid inhalation of water. Studies of drowning and near drowning of children and adults suggest that victim survival depends on the presen ... on during long periods of hypoxia. Future research is suggested to improve patient care.INTRODUCTIONDrowning and near-drowning incidents are leading causes of mortality and morbidity in both children ...

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Drowning Safety

Drowning & First Aid ResponseThere is always danger when water is present. Death can occur rapid ... occur rapidly as a result from submersion in water. In this paper I will discuss the management of drowning and hypothermia. Information on water hazards and preventive measures, the risks associated ... tive measures, the risks associated with rescuing people from the water, and the pathophysiology of drowning and hypothermia.The term drowning refers to submersion in water, or when the mouth and/or n ...

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The use of effective language devices enhances the plot of “The deep blue nothing”.

e deep blue nothing".! The story "The deep blue nothing" is about a boy swimming in the sea and was drowning, he sees a vision of death and then was resurrected. The writer uses many effective languag ...

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