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Report on the bionic ear and why it is made out of the materials it is made from.

up by the microphone and are sent to the speech processor.The speech processor changes sounds into electrical signals that are sent through a cable to the transmitting coil. The coil sends the signal ... ing coil. The coil sends the signals through the skin to the implant which transforms the signal to electrical pulses. The pulses pass from the electrode array and stimulate hearing nerve fibres withi ...

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Optical Networks

transmissions.All of these sources of information can be transmitted over long distances by regular electrical signals traveling over copper cables. The key to an optical network compared with an elec ... ith the electronic hardware of today. Conversion points are created to change the light pulses into electrical pulses; and, therefore, much of the speed that would be gained is lost at these points. A ...

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Our Knowledge of the External World by Bertrand Russell

lking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see then "real" is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain..."-Morpheus (The Matrix)In discussions regarding philo ...

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Optical fiber

on the principle that light in a glass medium can carry more information over longer distances than electrical signals can carry in a copper or coaxial medium. The purity of today's glass fiber mixed ...

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Modern Communication - Fiber Optics.

t for long distances without allowing light to fade out.To send signals through optical fibers, the electrical signals that start out over cooper wires are changed into pulses of light by tiny lasers. ...

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de by the violin strings into your ear. Once inside your ear, the vibrations are immediately become electrical signals that are then sent to your brain. Sound waves are also vibrations that pass from ... omething else. Sounds can be recorded using a microphone. This changes the sound vibrations into an electrical copy of the sound called a signal.There are many ways of storing signals for a long time. ...

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Muscle Endurance

void them sometimes. The cause of muscle cramps is when muscles contract or lengthen in response to electrical signals from nerves; electrolytes such as sodium, calcium and magnesium, which surround a ... , body fluids and chemicals -- or malfunctions in the nervous system itself can foul up the flow of electrical signals and cause a muscle to cramp.        You are most likely to eper ...

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cables.WHY IS SONET IMPORTANT? SONET provides integrated, large bandwidth, high speed transport for electrical signals such as ATM, BISDN, SMDS and Frame Relay. This transport format also reduces main ... data across the media (OSI - 1). The second layer is the Line layer which maps the payload into the electrical STS signal to send to the peer terminating network elements (OSI - 2). The third layer is ...

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you do? Neuron- (nerve cell) cells that carry messages throughout the nervous system Nerve impulse- electrical signals, coded method from neuron Sensory neuron: neuron that carries impulses from the s ...

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on the principle that light in a glass medium can carry more information over longer distances than electrical signals can carry in a copper or coaxial medium. The purity of today?s glass fiber, combi ... metal, such as erbium, optical signals could be amplified without converting the signal back to en electrical state).WEB REFERENCESS · NORTEL NETWORKS - Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) tra ...

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