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The Hippopotamus: Endangered Species Report

The Hippopotamus: Endangered Species ReportThe ban on elephant ivory trading has slowed down the poaching of elephants, butnow poachers are getting their ivory fro ... he teeth and sell them for as much as seventy dollars per kilo.This is a very cheap price. Elephant ivory sells for as much as five-hundred dollarsper kilo. The reason the price-per-kilo is so slow is ... as much as five-hundred dollarsper kilo. The reason the price-per-kilo is so slow is because hippo ivory is verybrittle compared to the much stronger elephant ivory.Elephant ivory is no longer at the ...

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As a Western construct, can nationalism satisfy non-Western movements? Does it then possess good or bad qualities?

however it became clear that these systems alienated the governed body from those governing. In the Ivory Coast, competitive or semi-competitive elections were more weakly supported than elections off ... th a multitude of meaningless institutions, can only react according to previous experience. In the Ivory Coast voters mainly voted for candidates of similar tribal heritage. In perpetuating western p ...

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African Rattle: Axatse

bit of tribal knowledge that I hadn't known before. I have been to the countries of Liberia and the Ivory Coast, but didn't get a chance to look or even understand their culture. This was a great oppo ...

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Letter requesting help from God-fearing people

Mr and Mrs Dikko Ngigae. My father was a gold and cocoa merchant based in accra, Ghana and Abidjan (Ivory Coast), he was poisoned to death by his business associates on one of their business trips. be ... ive Hundred Thousand U.s), deposited in a suspence account in one of the prime bank here in abidjan ivory coast, that he used my name as his only son for the next of kin in depositing of the fund.He a ...

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Necessity is In the Eye of the Beholder

w can I not be scared. This was the first time away from our village, in the rain forest, near the Ivory Coast. Now there I was in a hospital in Johannesburg about to have surgery the doctors said w ...

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Living Abroad

e, I knew that my dream would come true in a few months. In January 1999, I left my country, Ivory Coast to live in Atlanta. After having lived in Atlanta for one month, my opinion about living ...

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Ivory Coast

This paper will consider three very important components of development while examining the Ivory Coast. The first of the three components will describe the current agricultural system in the ... The second component of the research will identify various natural resource challenges faced in the Ivory Coast. The third component of the paper will be made up of economic factors effecting the Ivor ...

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Effects Of Ebola Virus On Humans

irus which are able to cause disease in human. These types are: Ebola-Zaire, Ebola-Sudan, and Ebola-Ivory Coast ( 1). This paper discusses the effects of this virus on humans.Natural Reserv ...

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Chocolate and the cacao plant

nhouse gasses.One such example of the effects of the cacao industry on an area reliant on it is the Ivory Coast in Wester Africa. They are the largest exporter of cacao and over half the 14 million po ... exporter of cacao and over half the 14 million population are somehow involved in the industry.The Ivory Coast is one of the poorest countries in the world with the GDP (Gross domestic product – ...

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Ebola hemorrhagic fever (Ebola HF)

bola virus, but only three of the four, cause disease in humans: Ebola-Zaire, Ebola-Sudan and Ebola-Ivory Coast. The fourth, Ebola Reston, only causes disease in primates. The virus is a level four pa ... Confirmed cases of the virus have been reported in the Democratic Republic, Gabon, Sudan, the Ivory Coast, and Uganda. No case of the deseas has been reported in the United States. Some research ...

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Blood Diamond Crisis in Africa

to do so today. In western Africa in countries such as Republic of Congo, Sierra Leone, Angola, and Ivory Coast, the people have been surrounded by violence. While the civil war in some of these count ... ited Nations estimates that 23 million dollars worth of conflict diamonds are being smuggled out of Ivory Coast each year. This money is being used by rebels to purchase military supplies. "Conflict D ...

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Business Ethics Case Paper - "Slavery in the Chocolate Industry"

e industry. It specifically addresses the cocoa beans grown on farms in West Africa, especially the Ivory Coast and Ghana, which make up close to half of the world's chocolate. The cocoa farmers of th ... y exports, including cocoa beans. In the beginning, as cocoa prices increased across the world, the Ivory Coast Government encouraged the cultivation of cocoa and even gave various incentives for grow ...

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Africa's deadly disease: Rare and deadly Ebola

he regions of Africa where they came from and they are as follows: Ebola Reston, Ebola Sudan, Ebola Ivory Coast, Ebola Zaire, of these four only three is notorious to trigger disease in humans. Ebola ...

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Life in short

volutions in women's status in society and in one's expression of his/her feelings and thoughts. In Ivory Coast, my native country, the culture is very different from that of the United States. Despit ... king him again. I hope that, in the future, there will be more equality and respect among people in Ivory Coast.

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