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sing a single nation-state.Dutch explorers first sighted Australia in the early 17th century. Capt. James COOK explored the east coast in 1770 and claimed the land for Great Britain. In 1778 the first ...

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why do we remember James Cook?

w who the worlds greatest explorers are? One of them is the topic ofthis essay. This essay is about James Cook. The objective of this report will be toanswer the following question: Why do we remember ... The objective of this report will be toanswer the following question: Why do we remember James Cook?James Cook was born on October 27, 1728 in Marton, England. At the age of 18James Cook became an app ...

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Writing on two historic events using Bill Bryson's book "Down Under"

er Four of Bill Bryson's Book "Down Under" He starts talking about Captain Cook. In 1770 Lieutenant James Cook and his crew aboard the HMS Endeavour discovered the South-east corner of Australia and s ...

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Land right problems of the indigenous people in the last 234 years

Everything began in 1770 when the naval lieutenant James Cook and his crew sailed the eastern coast of Australia and claimed possession of New South Wa ...

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Convicts settlement, how it started and how it grew apart

ather and the and the dangerous animal that used to exist in there. So mean while there was Captain Cook who went to monitor the Venus passing by the sun and there was another secret mission that was ... any access of free land which was empty and the environment was safe including the weather.Captain Cook was sent to explore around Tahiti and see the Venus passing in front of the sun. His job was to ...

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This is 2400 word term paper on The history and art of tattoing

the premises of their own home, where they wore a lone cloth.Then in the late 1700 hundreds Captain James Cook and crew set out to explore the Polynesian Islands and bam they find the attaintart of ta ...

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Why did the British settle in Australia?

known as the First Fleet and it carried convicts, marines, crewman, officials and children. Captain James Cook discovered the east coast of New Holland (Australia) in 1770 and named it New South Wales ... s and it was to hot. So they decided to create a new penal colony on the land discovered by Captain James Cook.Australia was chosen because it was surrounded by water and it would be hard for the conv ...

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Australia Report with APA references

ators were followed by Dutch explorers and the enterprising English pirate William Dampier. Captain James Cook sailed the entire length of the eastern coast in 1770, stopping at Botany Bay on the way. ...

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Australian convicts

e convicts from Britain." "Fraunfelder etal, 2001:106""In 1768 the King George III had sent Captain James Cook to the land called New Holland to make part of Britain, if Cook found the place deserted ...

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How did White Explorers View the Australian landscape?

oration of Australia encompasses several waves of seafarers and land explorers. The English Captain James Cook along with the famous Botanist Sir Joseph Banks was among the first to view the unique Au ...

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A Convict letter back home

, known by then name of Botany Bay. This was the name given by the founder of this country, Captain James Cook. The scene was not as accurate like James Cook had described it. The soil was dry which m ...

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23). To get the first written accounts of surfing you have to go to the journal of explorer Captain James Cook. On his third expedition to the Pacific he made his first visit to the Hawaiian Islands. ... led attempt to kidnap the Hawaiian Chief to retrieve his stolen boat Cook was killed by locals. Lt. James King was put in charge of taking over the journey and cooks journal. It is in King's writings ...

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Tattoo or not to tattoo... the

isons and more recently have become a means of personal expression. In the eighteenth century Capt. James Cook brought back to England some tattooed South Sea islanders. Cooks seamen were among the fi ...

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"History Curriculum."

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Cultural Analysis of Australia

The first European who had contact with Australia was a Dutch in 1606. In 1770 an Englishman named James Cook come to Australia and claimed the country fir the British crown and after that they used ... ia, over the next two centuries. And they had known Australia as "New Holland". Until 1770, Captain James Cook, Englishman, extended a voyage to the South Pacific to further chart the east coast of Au ...

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The Life Cycle of Coral Reefs

amp; Jim O’Brien2008, March 24). Coral's Addiction to 'Junk Food'.Retrieved June 24, 2008 from James Cook University,Web site: Conse ...

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The Maori tattoo. A Colonized Skin.

Both sexes wore tattoos, not only in the face but also in the rest of the body. With the arrival of James Cook, in 1769, the techniques and motifs used changed; new tools brought in by the first settl ... evant to mention the first known record of the word, as it appears in the OED. It was introduced by James Cook as tattow: "1769 Cook Jrnl. 1stVoy. July (1893) 93 Both sexes paint their Bodys, Tattow, ...

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HIST101-01: Essay #1 An Analysis of “Documents” in The Founding of Australia

, increased poor urban dwellers and squatters, and most importantly, the excess of convicted felon ]James Matra opens the dialogue with a primary interest in Australia to serve as an "asylum" for the ... or their livelihood] should not be considered". [1: DeLancey, J., et al. The Founding of Australia, James Maria Matra's Proposal: A Proposal for Establishing A Settlement In NSW dtd 23-Aug-1783, pg 9. ...

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