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Wind chimes

randomly strikes one or more of the suspended rods-- causing the rod to vibrate and emit a tone.The pitch of said tone is governed by the length of the rod, but the perceived loudness is affected by m ... nd the position of that group along the basilar membrane can be directly correlated to the relative pitch of the tone.

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Winning isn't evrything

only gave some effort. Over the years many teams have lostimportant games due to a few inches, one pitch or a strike of "bad luck" although theseteams lost, they take it into the next game and gave o ...

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Explanation and examination of hit and run play in baseball

Baseball is a game of individuals and confrontations between individuals. At that moment when the pitcher stares into the catcher's mitt, scratches himself, gets into his windup, and fires the pitch ... put, a hit and run is a play in which a runner on any base (usually first) takes off as soon as the pitcher releases the ball, and the batter at the plate attempts to make contact no matter what kind ...

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Baseball: Experience Essay

feeling rather nervous about the game, which usually doesn't happen, but today is special. Today, I pitch.While I drive down the road, I feel butterflies begin to flutter in my stomach. All I can thin ... te square.The coach, Mr. Bohnet, sees I have arrived and so he comes to talk to me. He asks me what pitches I can throw and how often I want to throw them. Then he asks me to go over to the warm-up mo ...

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Vocal Classifications (Fach System) describes the many different types of singing voices.

and up two octaves (Samochson 109).(An octave is an eight tone or note interval in which the higher pitch has twice as many vibrations as the lower) (Politosk 474). The voices of boys who have not yet ... ng a singer to be cast as another fach.The soprano voice is still the female voice with the highest pitch. The operatic heroine is usually a soprano. The three basic types of solo sopranos are colorat ...

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Discuss the evolution of musical notation throughout the Medieval period. This essay includes reference to the Medieval composer Hildegard von Bingen.

composers were flourishing in numbers and performers of chants were frustrated with not knowing the pitch or rhythm with which to perform their music.It is unknown to historians who originated the ide ... ly, small squiggles that were drawn above written text. This was devised to give some indication of pitch, as the further the marks above the text, the higher the pitch was, and so on. The shape of th ...

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Performing Under Pressure.

he place or situation, the stronger and more realistic the experience will be. I use imagery when I pitch in baseball games. When I'm standing on the mound before the pitch I actually picture myself s ... elax. They should think about the situation and picture controlling the situation, like I do when I pitch. A person could also think of something that makes them happy. Maybe even tell a little joke, ...

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c. In The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Music, a note is defined as "a written sign representing the pitch and duration of a single musical sound" (Scholes 411). At the moment I will concentrate only o ... s than you move onto the tones. A note was described previously as "a written sign representing the pitch and duration of a single musical sound" (Scholes 411). The duration of the note was explained ...

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"Death of a Salesman" by Arthur Miller.

hould be deep, yet wavering and somewhat unsure. When he feels insulted, it should rise to a higher pitch and become intensely defensive and marked with an un-garnered hatred. When he speaks to his wi ...

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game the way it should be played. Barry has a certain swagger about himself, almost as if he knows pitchers are scared to pitch to him and likes it. Alex is a more reserved guy, he is always politica ...

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Chance and The Alphabet Part II

atch. Perhaps this once, he was better off without the responsibility of defending his house on the pitch. Tension and excitement were seeping into the locker room from the outside air, but Will gave ... r over an hour - scoring nine goals in the process - before mediwizards dragged him bodily from the pitch."Oh?" Abby questioned, wide-eyed. She looked down at the cover. "Was he any good?"Was he any g ...

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The history of the trombone.

ece could telescope into the adjacent lead pipe, thereby shortening the instrument and changing the pitch. The sackbut kept the sliding idea, but separated the sliding area from the bell; that way the ... nfantry bands as well as in the orchestra. Technical changes included realignment of the old high A pitch (of the tenor) to concert and band pitch B flat. and acceptance or seven chromatic slide posit ...

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Statistics assignment

on must be made whether or not Edgar Scherick should invest $10,000 in a fact based movie or should pitch a fictional movie with no fee for the rights. If the pitch is successful Scherick could obtain ... ratings on a fact based movie is higher than on a fictional one. The producer has been unsuccessful pitching fictional movies in the past and has a greater chance with a fact movie.My findings are the ...

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A Biography on Famous Russian Artist, Wassily Kandinsky

y or another, to cause vibrations in the soul." Kandinsky loved music, so he used the colors with a pitch and the volume of the sound. He even said that he saw color when he heard music. He used very ...

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Discuss what you consider to be the importance of social environment and innate faculties in acquisition of language? - Discusses theories behind how and why a child learns language.

them to learn their language. (First, CDU aim to attract and maintain the baby's interest. A higher pitch is usually adopted along with exaggerated intonation and stress. The use of questions and comm ...

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Child growth of language the steps of talking from birth to age 2

By 11 months, most will string two or more sounds together ("ma-ba-ba"), often with some changes in pitch. By 10 months, a baby should stop what she isdoing if you say "no" to her (don't expect her to ... ss the syllables and pause often. Wenaturally tend to talk to children in a higher voice and change pitch often because babiespay attention to a higher pitch. Be sure to talk with older children frequ ...

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A critical analysis of all four cinematic styles found in 'Requiem For Dream'.

t of the story.The sound throughout the film is sharp, and often heightened to an almost unbearable pitch. This takes the audience out of their comfort zone and places them firmly on the edge of their ...

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More Than a Prize

al will more than likely die. The majority of people do not enjoy having their pet die.A successful pitch of a baseball wins you a green anole, a small lizard that requires specific needs. You're hand ...

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The Beatles - For no-one analysis

ompanied by the piano which provides the rhythm. The dynamic is quiet, and both piano and voice are pitched low giving the piece a subdued timbre. Although the basic pulse remains constant, the close ... s and is secondary to the piano which still sets the rhythm.In the chorus, the notes lengthen , the pitch of both voice and piano is raised, the piano becomes more melodic while the bass and tambourin ...

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Ernest Hemingwa`y "The Sun Also Rises"

s to women or children and these attachments make them equally vulnerable to emotional wounds. They pitch themselves into struggles that they cannot hope to win, but they show that although a man must ...

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