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it is still illegal. The use of marijuana as an intoxicant in the United States became a problem of public concern in the 1930s. Regulatory laws were passed in 1937, and criminal penalties were instit ...

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Can media inspire violent crimes

s, either against themselves or other people. Television violence, for instance, and the widespread public concern accompanying it have led to calls for strict controls on the depiction of violent pro ...

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Drug Abuse...This essay is about drug abuse, and more commonly the club drugs of today, and the effects they have on people.

s. A growing number of people in today's society are worried that drug use and abuse warrants grave public concern, and that there needs to be change in the approach to deal with and stop it.More rece ... ike this. Let them know the truth. Those television, and magazine ads called truth, are letting the public know how bad smoking is. There are just as many people smoking as doing drugs, the public jus ...

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Current issues of debate about marijuana laws and interest in marijuana as medicine

for select patients to use cannabis therapeutically, answers to these questions are of significant public concern. Scientific evidence from past research clearly showed that gross impairment related ...

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Special Needs in Adolescents and Maturity.

s Adolescents and Maturity:Are There More Challenges?In recent years there has been a great deal of public concern about adolescents identified as "at risk" of a variety of social ills, such as drug a ...

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This essay deals with a womans right to her body... in the case of abortion.

a women have to justify and state the rights a women has over her own body. Abortion shouln't be a public concern but a private choice that a women has. In an ideal world abortion would not be looked ...

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The main cause of environmental degradation is the size of the human population.

tion growth and global environmental transformation is two subjects that have received considerable public thought over the past several decades. Population boost become a global public policy issue d ... me to forefront primarily since 1970, with discernible levels of environmental degradation fuelling public concern with the scope of contemporary environmental transformations and the advent of satell ...

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Legislature of Legalization Medicinal Legalization of Marijuana (MLA Format)

ugs of all sorts were accepted. However, in modern times, as more stable drugs have been developed, public concern regarding recreational drug use has grown. It is ignorance and a fear of the unknown ... ijuana. The actions of special interest groups, that are lobbying Congress, and making this issue a public one in order to gain followers who personally speak out for medical marijuana's benefits and ...

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Can media inspire violent crimes?

s, either against themselves or other people. Television violence, for instance, and the widespread public concern accompanying it have led to calls for strict controls on the depiction of violent pro ...

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Describe in your own words how the deviancy amplification spiral operates to produce a moral panic. Illustrate with two examples.

xaggerate the facts so that it makes a good story. As a result of this there is a rapid build up of public concern which forces authorities or opinion makers to respond to the threat, resulting in eit ... o intervene strongly by arresting more people to try to prevent the threat, and as a result of this public concern was increased.Leah BettsThe death of Leah Betts is a classic example of moral panic r ...

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Brown v. Board of Education

      The Supreme Court Justices are appointed to make important decisions that involve major public concern. These people may have the most power in Congress and they make some of the most imp ... s that can affect nearly every citizen of the United States. At the end of the Nineteenth Century, public opinion with concern to African American social equality was based on the color of one's skin ...

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Disorder: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

INTRODUCTIONADHD has generated enormous public concern for obvious reasons. Perhaps the most obvious one may be the number of school age chi ... that of boys and other races. The rates of treatment are lower for children receiving care through public service systems. The problems associated with ADHD have attracted so much Medical and public ...

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Globalization and Women

problems of achieving meaningful enforcement of women's rights have been a matter of international public concern. The very notion of human rights implies universal application to both women and men; ...

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The Eradication of Marijuana

The use of illicit drugs is subject to much public concern and contention. Of the most popular and widely used is marijuana. Derived of the plan ... drivers. Effective safeguards should be in place before we make marijuana easily accessible to the public, and particularly to young motorists, who are already over-represented in impaired driving cr ... alities"6.Another major group is The Canadian Harm Reduction Network. Their goals are to inform the public, politicians, legislators and the media about other approaches to drugs, to support the growt ...

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Review of Corporate Responsibility

and Ansett in Australia; and Enron, and WorldCom in the United States, this coupled with increasing public concern about the immoral actions of companies such as James Hardie and the overall state of ... porations structures, and that they realise that to make a profit, they need to rebuild the loss of public trust and respect , by communicating CSR policies to the public to eliminate the residue of s ...

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Critically analyse the concept of addiction with reference to drug misuse.

and were widely available in Europe as well as in the States. Soon their addictive qualities became public concern especially with the ever increasing use of these potent drugs.The term addiction bega ... rms scientifically, although addiction is still the term commonly used by the large majority of the public. In medical texts, addiction was still seen as a form of poisoning - 'acute poisoning.' It wa ...

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Youths and the Law

age for charging a child was the age of seven. This was a reflection of the British Criminal Code. Public concern for children's rights and well being led to the establishment of the Youthful Offende ... doing a good job of correcting systematic problems in the youth justice system. After a few highly publicized cases where under 5 years of jail-time was handed out for serious crimes such as murder, ...

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SA, the provisions, which are administered by the U.S. department of Labor "were enacted to address public concern that funds of private pension plans were being mismanaged and abused. ERISA was the c ... the family as well.Circumstances that Prompted ERISAThe provisions of ERISA were enacted to address public concern that funds of private pension plans were being mismanaged and abused. The employees a ...

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Man-made mistake cause severe damage to the environment.

ters arrived and started reporting the accident through the live media.This accident has arisen the public concern on the environmental issue. It was believed that the accident was due to man-made mis ...

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How 'moral panic' increases our fear of crime

mplification spiral; events are overstated by the media, encouraging further acts of deviance and a public outcry for action creating a loop before dying down until similar acts are linked to the orig ... r action creating a loop before dying down until similar acts are linked to the original validating public concern. The community then questions the society where such deviancy is allowed to occur, ca ...

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