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Seeing The Blood Vessels In The Back Of your Own Eye

n 'ophthalmoscope'? The instrument lights up the inside of the eye and magnifies the vessels of the retina in the rear of the eye.This gives the doctor an idea about how healthy you are as he looks at ... n 'ophthalmoscope'? The instrument lights up the inside of the eye and magnifies the vessels of the retina in the rear of the eye.This gives the doctor an idea about how healthy you are as he looks at ...

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Color perception principles

s little as 0.1 nanometres.Our colour perception mechanism begins with light sensitive cells in the retina, called cones. The light senitivity comes from a photosensitive pigment called iodopsin or vi ... ibatory stimulus to the opponent colour. This was termed a spectrally opponent organisation. In the retinal ganglion cells, Boynton and De Monasterio have demonstrated that there is a further level of ...

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An essay about inherited diseases. It gives examples and explains them very well.

lity to distinguish colors, occurring mostly in males. Color blindness is caused by a defect in the retina or in other nerve portions of the eye. The first detailed report on this condition was writte ...

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Full description of Best Disease- about one page long bibliography included

w, build up a large heap of fat-like substance that looks similar to an egg yolk in the area of the retina that enables central vision. The breaking down of the accumulation, not the arrangement, is r ... D2, the cause of Best disease, even though its use is only limited to a place in the eye called the retinal pigment epithelium. At this time, there is no present successful treatment, but in the futur ...

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The Structures and Functions of the eye.

pecialised in producing a clear image for the brain to interpret.Conjunctiva, Cornea, Pupil (Iris), Retina, Blind Spot, Fovea (Yellow Spot)The very first thing light will come into contact with will e ... only part of it that is transparent. The cornea plays a key part in the focusing of an image on the retina. The cornea bends or refracts the light passing through it. This is the first stage in focusi ...

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Sensation and perception.

y, there are three kinds of receptors, short receptors, medium receptors and long receptors, on our retina which are stimulated by the three primary colours, red, green and blue respectively. The qual ... essing, we recognize patterns relying on basic, simple, physical features. We see what falls on our retina. Features detection comes first, matching follows and then recognition is done.However, perce ...

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How the eye works.

tural engineering.The eye consists of a few main parts, the iris, pupil, lense,vitriouse humour and retina. I will explain how each one works.Iris: This can appear different colours on the outer eye. ... the most the most important parts of the eye, its function is to focus light onto the centre of the retina. It is moved by two ligaments (muscles) located on the edges. Irregularities in this can caus ...

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Color Blindness

Color blindness may be a hereditary condition or caused by disease of the optic nerve or retina. Acquired color vision problems only affect the eye with the disease and may become progressi ... ceptors called cones allow us to appreciate color. These are concentrated in the very center of the retina and contain three photosensitive pigments: red, green and blue. Those with defective color vi ...

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Science, How is an eye like a camera?

light that enters the camera.What Part of the eye is responsible for the vision and color?It is the Retina. It has a thin tissue lining the innermost wall of the eye. The retina acts much like the fil ... in tissue lining the innermost wall of the eye. The retina acts much like the film in a camera. The retina responds to light rays hitting it and converts them to electrical signals carried by the opti ...

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Human Vision Defects,What is 20/20 Vision?

auses of MyopiaNearsightedness or myopia occurs when light entering the eye focuses in front of the retina instead of directly on it. This is caused by a cornea that is steeper, or an eye that is long ... Vision can corrected with glasses which bend the light causing the focal point to be located of the retina, contacts lenses which work the same as glasses, laser surgery and convention surgery which a ...

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Case Study- Branding Strategy of LTK Omega Egg(Malaysia)

n cancer and rheumatoid arthritis. In additional, Omega 3 is vital for the development of brain and retina tissues .The daily production capacity of LTK is 1,500,000. In order to maintain the quality ...

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era, controls the amount of light that enters the eye. It opens and closes to protect the sensitive retina from to much light. The retina covers the back of the eye. It contains millions of photo-rece ... nd each year due to this disease.Many older people lose their vision from macular degeneration. The retina is where most of the problems leading to blindness. The macular is the most sensitive part of ...

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What Process light goes through as it enters the eye travels to the brain?

l the light will then move through the lens which focuses the light and displays and image onto the retina, the light-sensitive inner lining of the back of the eyeball. The lens is what enables us to ... n to focus on something up close the muscles contract to make the lens as round as possible. On the retina directly behind the lens there is a depressed spot called the fovea. This is the center of yo ...

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What is meant by bottom-up and top-down processing in sense and perception?

rs the eye. After passing through such parts as the iris and the lens, the light energy reaches the retina, where sense receptors are located and where transduction occurs. Rods and cones are the eye' ...

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Introduction & Observation of a Shark

some modification. The shark eye has a reflecting layer called a tapetum lucidum located behind the retina.Results:Lateral View:Ventral View:Materials/Methods:Dogfish SharkDissection kitDissecting tra ...

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Key notes and highlights of Biometrics

e of the advantages and disadvantages of fully developed biometric systems that are fairly accurate:Retinal scans (electronic scan of the innermost layer of the eyeball's wall):Advantages: ;Retina gen ...

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urity systems that can be installed including hand readers, fingerprint readers and impressive iris/retina scanners.Hand readers are now considered the most primitive of all the new biometric technolo ... ic security because they are the most accurate at capturing identification features in the iris and retina of the eye. For scanning to be successful, the person must sit perfectly still. The iris scan ...

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Describe the Recognition-By-Components (Geon) theory of object recognition and discuss its strengths as a theory of object recognition.

y" is explained as "keeping the appearance of objects constant even though their impressions on the retina are constantly changing" (Atkinson et al, 2000), while "spatial localization" is also importa ... invariances found; the distance from the object (which affects the size of the object image on the retina), the location of the object relative to the viewer (which affect the part of the retina whic ...

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Color blindness

her eye disorder, the majority of color blind cases are hereditary and present at birth. The retina, is a complex nerve system which converts light energy into electrical energy that is then tr ... hen transmitted to the brain. This conversion is accomplished by two types of receptor cells in the retina called rods and cones do to their shape. The cones are responsible for converting the color. ...

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Digital Signatures

ryption. Many old ideas consisted of just using a password system. Others required hardware such as retina scanners or thumb scanners. This is very expensive and not everyone would want to use them. D ... decreases the chances of fraud. Maybe if we combine Digital with Biometric devices such as facial, retina, or thumb scanners would minimize the amount of fraud.With all this new and better technology ...

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