19th Century European Imperialism Data Based Essay; Identify and explain the political, economic, and social causes of European imperialism in the 19th century.

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Since from independence of Pakistan, relations between Pakistan and India remain hostile. The two countries have fought three wars since independence and, although, new governments and leaders come into power, but they did not able to resolve the issues which are hurdles in the way of good neighborly and friendly relations. Pakistan's friendly relation offers not welcomed from Indian governments particularly in early phases. It means that India was against to the very survival of Pakistan and was not ready to see the existence of Pakistan as a sovereign state. In 1971 India played an active role to dismember Pakistan regardless of violation of international law. There is no guarantee that India will not do the same again if it gets a similar opportunity. India, on its part suspects that Pakistan is supporting the Muslims of Kashmir and Sikh insurgency in East Punjab in their struggle against the Indian rule.

While denying the Indian allegations, Pakistan complains that India is training anti-Pakistan elements in its camps and then, as Prime Minister Mohammed Khan Junejo has said, "manages their entry into Pakistan for rebellious activities, especially in Sind". 1

Why Pakistan and India have failed to develop a firm and cooperative relationship based on the principles of the United Nations Charter and other international agreements concerning peaceful coexistence between nations? The reasons are, lack of understanding, trust, and acceptance of each other and their attitude in their foreign policies defaming each other are the main hurdles between India and Pakistan and are other numerous issues and complexities. They are partly historical, partly ideological and partly political.'' 2

Factors responsible for conflict between these two countries. But no other factor has played so dominant a role as...