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Argumentative Research Paper: Should children read fairy tales? able to understand what the 4 stands for. This research paper is based mainly on articles I've read and ...from this article. 2.I got a B for this research paper mainly because I didn't have a lot of ...

(9 pages) 313 2 4.7 28/Nov/2006

Subjects: Literature Research Papers > Creative Writing > Persuasive Writing

Motivation Research Paper; motivating workforce through application of the four Content Theories (Hierarchy of Needs, ERG, Acquired Needs, and Two-Factor theories).

...research paper analyzes the motivation processes in place at Hewlett-Packard Corporation. Specifically, this paper... performance and standards. Motivation Research Paper Introduction If an employee has...

(13 pages) 925 0 4.1 04/Jun/2004

Subjects: Businesss Research Papers > Management

"research paper on cloning."

...Research Paper on Cloning We have seen comic material in...II: Report and Recommendations, Commissioned Papers, Rockville, Maryland: Government A7-A9. "Potential Uses in Research" UK New. 980. 30 January...

(9 pages) 348 1 4.6 26/Nov/2003

Subjects: Science Essays > Genetics & Genome Projects

Reasearch Methods: A research paper on teenagers' sexual practices.

... topic of the research paper is teenagers and there sexual practices. The research is very important to... the research paper is teenagers and their sexual practices. The research is very important to ...

(13 pages) 619 3 4.3 17/Jan/2003

Subjects: Social Science Essays

"Sexual Harassment and how it affects Women and Organizations" The purpose for this research paper is to show how women are viewed in today's society, defining sexual harassment....

... society as a whole. The purpose for this research paper is to show how women are viewed in ...aggressive and voice your opinion when appropriate, do your research and know what you are talking about. In...

(17 pages) 532 2 4.7 13/Jan/2004

Subjects: Businesss Research Papers > Management

Research paper on the wage gap in the United states, and class struggles from the underclass with sources included. able show distinct class barriers in this research paper and expose some of the oppressions at the...the course of a lifetime--has stopped rising, researchers say. Some recent studies suggest that it ...

(14 pages) 203 0 3.4 27/Dec/2006

Subjects: Social Science Essays > Economics > Economic History

Methods of Increasing Productivity Utilizing Inventory Control Systems- The scope of this research paper is to discuss inventory control systems.

...of I. Introduction The scope of this research paper is to discuss inventory control systems that is unavailable for other projects, research and development, etc thus the "opportunity loss"....

(20 pages) 1149 0 3.3 03/Dec/2003

Subjects: Businesss Research Papers > Management

Plagiarism research paper- copyright laws.

... and using their intelligence to write their own research papers? The future for students is not promising if ... form until it is written and scored onto paper. An author of a copyrighted work has the ...

(5 pages) 275 1 3.5 23/Oct/2003

Subjects: Law & Government Essays

Assignment: Punishment Research Paper Statistics show that there is a high rate of criminal recidivism in the United States. This raises the question, "Does punishment deter crime?"

...Punishment Research Paper 1Punishment Research PaperPunishment Research Paper 2The concept of punishment and its practical application and justification ...

(4 pages) 108 0 3.0 11/Jan/2009

Subjects: Social Science Essays > Sociology

Individual Research Paper: Finding the Balance in Policing New Media Technologies: 'Statutory Control VS Self-Regulation' the future of media reform. Individual Research Paper: Finding the Balance in Policing New Media ... currently do is investigate complaints and force papers to print their judgement in a prominent...

(15 pages) 249 0 3.5 16/Feb/2004

Subjects: Social Science Essays > Communication Studies > The Media

Research paper on the dietary supplement Ephedra.

...Research Paper Wouldn't it be nice to pop a pill, ..., autonomic symptoms, upper gastrointestinal symptoms, and heart palpitations", the researches said. An evaluation of more than 16,000 adverse ...

(8 pages) 187 0 5.0 28/Nov/2003

Subjects: Law & Government Essays

Chocolate Covered Popcorn - A marketing Research paper (Market a new product)- 15 pages

... of both popcorn and chocolate, this research paper describes a marketing plan for the ultimate ... wide. The marketing plandescribed in this research paper will take into account key principles ...

(19 pages) 148 1 5.0 31/Mar/2009

Subjects: Businesss Research Papers > Marketing

Research Paper - Meditation and Modern Medicine.

...Research Paper - Meditation and Modern Medicine Throughout recorded history, people ... improving the person's attitude and also, as recent research has shown, by direct effects on the immune, endocrine,...

(5 pages) 217 0 0.0 12/Dec/2003

Subjects: Science Essays

Research Paper: Is Abstinence of Sex until Marriage Necessary?

...from sex until marriage? If so, why? This research paper views the effects of premarital sex, also ... from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Based on research carried out in the last five years, ...

(9 pages) 99 0 0.0 04/Jun/2007

Subjects: Humanities Essays > Health & Medicine > Sex & Sexuality

Punishment Research Paper

...Punishment Research Paper � PAGE �1� Punishment Research Paper Axia College of University of Phoenix SOC120 Jeff Weigel September ...

(6 pages) 141 0 3.5 24/Sep/2008

Subjects: Businesss Research Papers > Management