Research Paper: Is Abstinence of Sex until Marriage Necessary?

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Perhaps it is not a big surprise to many to discover that youths as young as fourteen have shown involvement in premarital sex in these past few years, considering that it has almost become a norm in the modern society. According to the Asia News Network, every day that goes by shows four teenagers aborting their fetuses', another two giving birth and an additional two learning that they are suffering from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Based on research carried out in the last five years, approximately 1500 teenagers underwent abortions, 840 of them gave birth and more than 600 of them were diagnosed with sexually transmitted diseases every year, indicating the large number of teenagers which had sex. Action for Aids organized a survey in the year 2004, of which the results showed that one out of four unmarried teenagers had already had sexual intercourse. Moreover, a shocking 80 percent of American college students who were surveyed in the year 2005 reported that they were involved in premarital sex (Arnett 75).

Now the main questions put forward in this case are: Is it necessary to abstain from sex until marriage? If so, why? This research paper views the effects of premarital sex, also known as fornication, from different perspectives, including medical effects, psychological outcomes, socioeconomic impacts, religious views and issues of morality. Taking into consideration all this perceptions, it is extremely vital that all youths and young adults should practise abstinence of sex in relationships until marriage in order to avoid regrettable consequences and to guarantee themselves a better future.

Adolescents who get involved in premarital sex are likely to face many problems. The most obvious problem is unwanted pregnancies, which are usually dealt with either abortion or a step into parenthood. We first take a look...