Homosexuality within Cultures in the World

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Different countries have different cultures and therefore have different laws and beliefs against a topic. Homosexuality is a very sensitive topic which some find offensive or an unnecessary topic. However, I believe that it is necessary to discuss this topic openly and let a community know about what other cultures think of this topic, and get a wider perspective on this topic. My aim is to not force people to change their view on homosexuality. I would like to help people get a wider view on the topic and see their own view from a different perspective.

Muslim countries such as Iran and Indonesia believe that it is against the religion, therefore is also against the law within the country - it is a crime against the law, also a crime against nature. There are no laws to protect the homosexuals. If you were under the age of 16 and found to be homosexual, you could get whipped 60 or even 100 lashes according to your sex.

If you were to be found the 4th time, you would be hung. However, if you were over the age of 16, you can forget about lashes - your dead anyway. Marriage for homosexuals is then obviously impossible, since you would be hung before any marriage would take place anyway.

Moving onto Europe - and a country who does not have strict laws relative to other European members -, the Netherlands. If your Dutch, your lucky because there are no laws against you. Homosexuality is approved, and 80% within the community accept them. In fact, whoever discriminates you can end up in jail. You are allowed to go to the military, you're allowed to get married, adopt and NO PUNISHMENT! However, you are not allowed to go to church. That's the only restriction...