Bad Choosers

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Bad Choosers

The tired cliché has rung throughout the halls of maternity wards and law firms for

years. 'The Battle of the Sexes' as it is called; the everlasting struggle for supremacy

among men and women. However, in the wider scope of events, how easy one's life is

would ideally be more important than how supreme one is. Just ask Colin Powell or

maybe even a reincarnate Kurt Cobain. It does not matter much if you're the top dog if

your a top dog with an uncomfortable life. Maybe the important conflict is not which is

superior, but rather which gender proceeds through life more easily. The question remains

then: Which?

It would be impossible here, given the talents of even this writer, to name a clear

victor. Scholars and philosophers for years have attempted to do so, yet no gender has

ever been definitely identified. However, the clear victor here should be the female.


start to finish, with a layover at child birth, women tend to live easier lives. Men run the

government. Men go to war. Men encounter more obligation inside and out of the


When looking at specific instances, life may equally challenge the two. Both must

acquire food. It is noteworthy that men generally eat more than women. United States

law mandates that both complete a certain amount of schooling. Both must toil through

the identity crisis of adolescence, followed by the mid-life crisis of aging, and lastly, the

mortality crisis in their elder years. There is a great possibility that both must appropriate

wealth, provided they are not substinence farmers living in some foreign country that does

not tax (In which case, the man would slave away in the fields from dusk until dawn while

the woman would wash a dish, tie...