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Child abuse is the controlled acts that result in the physical or emotional damage of children. The term ?child abuse? covers different ranges of behavior, from physical assault by parents or gaurdians to neglecting a child. Child abuse is wrong and God didn?t create children for adults to abuse. They are blessings, not burdens. There is child abuse in the world because of ignorant people who want to feel powerful, so they beat on little kids and these kids think that violence against children is okay because their parents did it to them. They learn the wrong ways to parent a child, and this has to stop. It?s destroying our country.

There are four main types of abuse: physical, sexual, emotional abuse and neglect. Neglect is the most popular type of abuse. There are two types of neglect: pysical and emotional. With physical neglect, a parent fails to provide physical things, like food, medical care and shelter.

Emotional neglect is when a parent fails to comfort the child or not pay attention to them. This includes being unaffectionate to them or allowing them to use alcohol or drugs. Physical abuse is intentional acts of violence that can injure or even kill children. Signs of physical abuse may include unexplained bruises, burn marks or broken bones. Sexual abuse is when adults use children for sexual satisfaction or force them into sexual activities. It may begin with kissing and/or fondling and progress to more indulging acts, like oral sex or intercourse. Emotional abuse is when an adult destroys a child?s self-esteem. You can do this by repeated verbal abuse in the forms of shouts, threats, humiliating or degrading criticism. Other types of emotional abuse are confinement, like shutting children in a dark closet or basement, and what is called social...