Reasearch Methods: A research paper on teenagers' sexual practices.

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The topic of the research paper is teenagers and their sexual practices. The research is very important to the social sciences particularly sociology, because this topic has to do with modern society and the way people behave. It is also important because it examines the way teens in particular behave in our "modern society" and this is one of the areas of discipline of the social sciences. In this, the present research the variables are the participant's ages and the different answer they had to the questions in the survey. The questions chosen this survey conformed to the requirements of the research assignment and they included, closed ended and open ended questions. It was found that the participant's answers depend upon what age they are.

Literature Review

In western society men and women often act differently when put into a relationship type setting (boyfriend/girlfriend or marital relationships). The studies done have proved theories (that there is no correlation between drugs and the possibility of having a bad relationship experience) to be untrue and one would come to realize that most of the time the correlations the researchers have made do not really exist especially when it comes to relationships.

The studies below presented women in three main and not uncommon relationship situations. The authors described conducted studies about how women feel about themselves sexually and how they acted, when women incorporate drugs and alcohol in sexual encounters and how women respond to being raped or beaten by a male in their life. In the final two non-academic articles, the authors examined how sex affected the relationships of children and there parents and in the last French article the author examined how sex is ever present in western society.

In the first academic article entitled Illicit Drugs and Unsafe...