Going Off To War While Addicted To Oil

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The writer's main concern in his article was the fact that the United States is so dependent on oil, and we are declaring war with the people who provide us with that oil. The United States' fuel deficiency of its motor vehicles is down, the lowest that it has been in its last 20 years. The writer recalls the events of around 1973 when the Untied States was receiving less oil from the providers and was paying more in money and goods. He thinks that this should have been a wake up call for the car companies of the United States to build more compact cars and less SUV and Light Trucks, not to increase the amount of fuel needed on cars. This leaves the writer with one specific point, of energy security, meaning that we should strive to create and protect a safer environment, while we strive to protect our country from terrorists.

In the article, he use's some statistics provided by the Environmental Protection Agency. According to the EPA, studies show that the average mile per gallon on cars in the United States has dropped 2 miles per gallon - from 26 mpg to 24mpg - since 1988. He also touched on how the U.S. doesn't even produce the majority of their oil. Over 54% of our oil comes from other countries and around 2/3 of the oil we purchase goes towards fuel for motor transportation. As Americans, we consume over $2 billion a day in oil from the fuel in our motor vehicles. Another startling statistic, is that only 6% of the cars produced in the year 2002 will have a gas milage of over 30 miles per gallon and over 38% of the vehicles produced in 2002 will have a gas milage of less than 20...