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Over the past several years, concern about juvenile crime and teenager's safety has led many U.S. cities to enact teen-curfew laws. I strongly disagree that a youth curfew is an effective way to reduce juvenile crime in a community.

According to document one, some teens resent curfews and feel that it is unconstitutional. Parents and teens argue that the laws violate minor's freedom and that the First Amendment is evidence of that. Parents should determine when their children should be in the house not the government. Statistics show that most juvenile crimes happen between 3 pm. And 6pm, therefore youth curfew really don't serve a purpose. The money used on enforcing curfews could be put to better use, such as after-school recreational or educational programs. According to experts youth curfews are more strictly enforced in minority neighborhoods rather than white areas, this can worsen racial tensions.

According to the timeline in document two there are alternatives instead of youth curfew. The Police Athletic League gives teens a variety of sports and recreation as an alternative to crime. Instead of getting in trouble after school, teens can join the PAL. The Boys and s Clubs of America offer social, educational, career and leadership programs to disadvantaged youths. Both of these are better environments for teens to be, especially teens that tend to get into trouble.

Curfews cannot possible reduce juvenile crime in the long run because juvenile crimes mostly happen in afternoon hours, not at night time. "The problem with curfew laws is that most kids, the good, the bad and the tired, are asleep at midnight." Teen curfews will not stop youths from being engaged in criminal lifestyles and is almost pointless.