Children Of The River

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In this story, Sandara was playing very marvelous role. She was going through with many difficulties since she was thirteen. She had many social problems with her family and in her school. She had problems in her personal life too. However, I found something extraordinary in Sandara¡¯s life style that was her big heart. She had honor for everyone, and she very hardly got an angry on someone. In addition, she was very caring, helping, and loving person. She never ignores to anyone for anything that she did not like. Sandara was different form others. For example, she followed her family old rules in modern culture in the United States, but everybody after while at her school liked her the way she was.

Since Sandara was child who faced and struggled many problems in her life. For example, first she had to leave her parents in the Cambodia because for the communists.

Second, she faced problem in the United States with new culture and new language. Third, she did not get along with her young aunt. Therefore, she really had to negotiate with some of these problems. However, she was smart and very understanding person, so she knew how to resolve these problems.

Sandara was at a growing age, but she was very mature and capable person. For example, when she left her relatives, parents, and her boyfriend whom she loved since she was child: she had hope for them to returned back with safe in the United States. Sandara was hanging on with her hope with very powerful feeling that they would come back one day. She also had a goal in her life to become a doctor and that is why she worked hard at her school to learned a new language quickly. Sandara also...