The Case for College Education

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Brent Long

Eng. 191

Some of the decisions we make today can effect us for the rest of our lives. People from all

backgrounds are deciding to educate themselves so that their futures shine brighter as the years go by. A

college education is rapidly approaching to be a prerequisite of any high income potential. President

Clinton predicts that without at least an associate's degree you might not even be able to get a good paying

job. With or without a college education, you are influenced in several ways; the most important being

income, opportunity, and lastly being material possessions. Without these three thing's life can be a long

and troublesome tale of woe.

People try to say that money cannot buy happiness. But without it, many people are certainly

upset. Usually a degree or some type of technical certification is required to obtain specific jobs. Without

this piece of paper, your chances of living comfortably off your wages are slim to none.

Most scholars go

on to live somewhat comfortable lives depending on what they do the knowledge given to them.

Meanwhile, the dropouts struggle day in and out to keep a roof over their head and food in their mouth..

Some hot summer afternoons when I am driving, I watch construction workers suffer in the heat.

These individuals will probably be manual laborers for the majority of their lives. Some of these

employees enjoy their jobs but some of them wish they could be the boss instead of always following

someone else's orders all of the time. This is a regret that haunts a great deal of today's citizens. Without

education, opportunity will pass you by more and more as others move on to very successful careers.

Quite often people are passed over for promotions because of lack...