"Rolling Stone" Magazine Forum Analysis

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February 13, 1997

Rolling Stone Forum Analysis

One of the most popular periodicals being read today is "Rolling Stone." The monthly-published periodical deals with mainly pop culture in terms of music and movies, which means that it discusses the more popular and well-known entertainment. In terms of politics, seldom are there articles about that topic. When there are stories concerning politics, it usually is tied in with how it affects entertainment in a certain way. In the abortion issue, for example, the magazine tends to have a pro-choice opinion toward it.

The reason Rolling Stone is published every month is to keep up-to-date with new music and movies. The time frame between each publication is long enough to allow plenty of new material to be released to the public, yet short enough to not get too behind in what is happening in pop culture.

It allows the perfect amount of time to interview, analyze, or critique topics to be published in the magazine.

Writers of Rolling Stone are usually professional critics, such as music critic Greg Kot of the Chicago Tribune and Jim DeRogatis of the Chicago Sun Times. They usually have high credentials in their work and are respected and depended upon. They are not experts, though, because they are not musicians or movie stars. The writers are simply experts in finding information, and stating strong opinions about that information, that readers can understand and comprehend.

Readers of Rolling Stone are mainly included in the group infamously known as "Generation X," which includes young men and women ages 16-25. The group of readers is generally stereotyped a variety of ways, such as pro-choice and...