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There have been many protests against abortion lately, but there are also people who fully support it. There are always different views that are being expressed and nobody is absolutely sure whether abortion should be legal or not. This topic is just as strong as gay marriage or who to make the next president because it is about people and what they think is right for their country.

"It is immortal," says Danielle with horror in her eyes. "Nobody should have to kill a life just because of a single mistake!", adds Reshada shaking her head and then, she adds that "if you think it's a mistake, you should live with consequences." I try to prove to them that abortion is nothing like killing a baby. We should think about it as if it was getting rid of a couple unwanted cells that might cause a lot of problems later on.

"There are other options like giving a baby up for adoption", mentions Danielle and even though, it is a good point, Andi still doesn't think that women have to go through all the pain and discomfort of pregnancy if they don't want to.

Andi supports my point of view and he even says that " a woman shouldn't have to destroy her life because of a single mistake." It is totally right and we can't see why others should make somebody's decision. The population in the world is so large that abortion is not only something that protects some women from ruining their future, but it also helps world not to be overpopulated which it is already.

I think that there is no woman that wants to harm her baby, therefore none would kill it in normal state of mind. On the other hand, facts show that fetus...