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Functional Area Interrelationships

Functional Area Interrelationships

Team D has chosen Kudler Fine Foods. Kudler Fine Foods is owned and operated by the president Kathy Kudler since 1998. Kathy Kudler had a vision to create a gourmet food store which includes the finest meats, produce, cheeses, and wine. Early on, Kathy started developing a business plan that reached success all within nine months of the implementation. The successes lead way to Kudler Fine foods opening in two different locations. Kudler Fine Foods has three locations currently; La Jolla, Del Mar, and Encinitas. One can identify the cause for success by recognizing the functional area interrelationships.

The purpose of Kudler Foods

Kudler Fine Foods primary reasons for having a mission, vision, values, and goals within the business are to ensure the customers' satisfaction. By having the great services for customers, Kudler create customer loyalty.

Kudler Fine Foods' mission is to give customers an enjoyable experience by providing knowledgeable and experienced staff. The mission statement also declares that they will provide services with the finest products all in an effort to delight the customers.

Kudler Fine Foods has a vision go above and beyond the customer's expectations. This approach will help solidify Kudler's goal to be "the place to shop". The vision also includes expansion in more Californian locations. Another goal is to achieve more through comparing all their products to competitors' products and providing a better product for sell. Kudler values the importance of quality services and products. While other stores may sell inferior products to lower prices, Kulder Fine Foods recognize that people will pay more for superior products.

Organizational Structure

Kathy currently works seven days a week to ensure each store is running and operating efficiently. She has hired a...