Achilles, the mightiest of the Greek warriors.

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Achilles' mother was Thetis, a Goddess who wanted her son to be immortal because he was half mortal. Thetis is said to have threw Achilles into a river and held him by his Achilles heel, go figure his name, so he could become invincible.

Achilles had great strength and was very fast. He was renowned as one of the best fighters in Greece. Achilles mother tries to warn Achilles of the danger awaiting him if he went to Troy and fought. Achilles could think of nothing more but his name being immortalized as the best fighter if he took Troy. He wanted everyone to know his name. But, to do so Achilles would half to fight for the king Agamemnon, which he did not like what he stood for and refused to fight for him. Achilles went to Troy saying, he and his men would not fight for the king but for himself and would not risk his men's life for the greed of one king.

Achilles went to Troy with his younger cousin Patroclus who he trained to be a great fighter like him. Agamemnon's army arrived at Troy. Achilles stood by and watched Agamemnon's army attack Troy. Troy was to powerful for Agamemnon's army without Achilles. Achilles did nothing; he watched the army get devastated. After the battle Agamemnon went to Achilles and begged him to join him in the battle, but still Achilles refused.

The next day the battle continued. Agamemnon's army was getting beaten again. Then Achilles came out and led his army onto the battle field, everybody cheered. Hector saw Achilles and new he had to fight him. Achilles and hector went to battle and Hector won with a blow to Achilles neck. Hector bent down to take the mask off of...