Acid Rain (some info based on Bangkok).

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Acid Rain;

How is acid rain affecting society and nature?

What steps towards eliminating acid rain can be taken anyone?

"Acid rain" is one of the worst air pollutants there are. It can come in two forms either wet or dry Acid Rain, a more correct way of saying is Acid Deposition. This deposition can come in many different forms, not just in a liquid form but also as snow, fog and gasses. We know that something is an Acid Deposition when it has a pH of less than 5.6.

How is it formed?

Acid Rain and depositions have been proven to be formed by waste gasses which are released into the atmosphere. Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) and Nitrogen oxide are found out to be the 2 main contributing gasses which causes Acid Rain. CO2 is also a contributing factor but it is caused by nature and has been for many years.

It is formed when the gasses go into the atmosphere and mix with water to form an acid which then returns to earth by the water cycle (see image above).

These gasses have been mainly produced by power stations which produce electricity by burning fossil fuels, mainly coals. They then get picked up by winds and can travel through many countries before they react with water and turn into acids.

What problems does it cause?

The low pH in Acid Deposition causes many problems in everyday city life as well as in nature. The acidity in the air when reaching a structure, paint or statue etc. it helps speed up the decaying of that structure. Throughout nature acid rain also has a lot of negative effects: when there is a rainstorm with acidity over a forest the water will most probably be absorbed by the soil, due to...