Actions taken by the Australian Government to combat cyber crime

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Cybercrime is a broad term used to describe criminal activity in which computers or networks are a tool, a target, or a place of criminal activity. They are almost impossible to stop due to technological advances and the power of anonymity on the internet. Governments have implemented strategies to try and prevent and fight these crimes in cyberspace but their effectiveness is questionable. It's a constant cat-and-mouse game as cybercriminals always find other ways to bypass security and continue with their crimes.

Cybercrime has evolved from simple viruses decades ago to complex scams, frauds, piracy, hacking and cyber bullying. Hackers are constantly trying to break into private and personal data for personal gain, and attempt to find any exploits that will allow them access to these networks. This could be a single individual or the collaboration of an organized group and includes identity theft, sensitive data collection or the defacement of websites.

Scammers and frauds usually aim for monetary gain and as more people become dependent on the internet and its convenience, it turns into a playground for cybercriminals to make large amounts of money. Piracy is the distribution and use of games, movies, songs or software without permission from the copywriters, a huge problem in today's society where nearly everything is freely available on the internet. Cyber bullying includes harassment, cyber stalking, denigration and impersonation. It has become rampant since social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have surfaced on the internet and is the major cybercrime amongst young people today.

These crimes have led to several responses by the Australian Government. Under the Crimes Act 1914, Australian Federal Police may be able to compel a person to provide a means of accessing data protected by encryption and provide for an offence of failing to reasonably cooperate with...