Addiction to entertainment.

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Death by Priority

When the word technology was created, it was created with progress in mind. Technology is a device innovated by man used primarily to make our lives a bit easier. We are a world, engulfed with a passion for speed; waiting an hour for food becomes inadequate service and thirty seconds for a webpage to load is the posterity of spy ware. This happenstance perspective makes for tads of a problem. People, particularly the youth of our country have become fairly biased against the idea of work. Imagine a pot of boiling water, ample in size; contents being the skinned remains of an oxen's tail. It cooks for a while, creating a by-product floating in the water, not as serenely as could be hoped for the benefit of an ideal analogy, taking into the regard an aspect of existence called convection. Considerably, the by-product is our work ethic, the water being society, and the ox tail being us.

Society boils down and attempts to conform us; we give what is expected, although in some cases, coaxing is prescribed.

Before I delve deeper into this topic, I fear I must have an introduction, as once again a salute to the institution of work ethic. The theme of this essay is to describe addiction, more specifically an addition to pleasure. At first, during my initial deliberation upon this subject, I came to the conclusion that entertainment would not be as addicting as it is, if it was not for the caliber expressed by our current methods of diversion. If you would ever happen to peruse through a thesaurus, in search of a synonym, antonym, or whatever else satisfies your curiosity, take a bit of time and look up the word entertainment or leisure, both of which I believe to suit...