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In Virgil?s Aeneid divine intervention sets the course and challenges that Aeneas must overcome. Aeneas?s fate was set but that didn?t stop the Gods from trying to help him accomplish his goals or from doing all in their power to stop him. From the first lines of this epic there are gods at work for good or evil. The Trojans are puppets in the hands of the gods in this book. The main gods in this epic are Venus, Juno, and Jupiter. Venus who is out to help her son Aeneas accomplish his tasks and see to the continuation of his lineage. Juno is trying to stop Aeneas from completing his prophecy of resurrecting the city of troy and destroying her beloved city of Carthage. If that is not possible then Juno wants to make fulfilling his prophecy very costly to him. Jupiter the king of god?s acts as a referee, regulating between how much harm and good the other gods could do in helping Aeneas, but always maintaining that Aeneas and the prophecy will come to be.

The first act of divine intervention occurs when Juno intervenes in the Trojans safe trip towards Italy, after fleeing from the burning city of Troy. Juno asks Aeolus, god of the winds, to create a storm that would prevent Aeneas from reaching the shores of Italy. Venus the mother of Aeneas asks Neptune to put and end to the storm and grant safe passage to Aeneas and his crew. Neptune stops the winds and calms the waters leaving just one ship destroyed and the rest of the ships separated in Africa. Once upon arriving to the shore Venus cloaks Aeneas so that no one can see him, she also sends her divine son Cupid to make sure the queen falls...