Aetiology and mechanisms of illnesses.

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This assignment is to discuss the care profile of an identified patient who has been recently diagnosed with kidney cancer. To better appreciate the care given to the patient, there is a detailed background of the patient and there is an extensive discussion of the nursing intervention towards maintaining his health. This piece of work highlights cancer in relation to a patient whom the writer has cared for during his clinical placement on a urology ward. There is emphasis on the signs and symptoms of the patient's condition followed by discussion on the aetiology and pathophysiological mechanisms that contribute to kidney and renal cancer. There is also relevant investigation, which is relevant in diagnosing kidney cancer. At the end of this work, there is a personal piece of reflection, where emphasis is laid on the author's personal and professional development with regards to caring for cancer patient.

This reflection is aimed to improve future practice as to link theory and practice. However, this reflection is not going to be extensive, in order to maintain the aims and objectives of the assignment The treatment and management of the patient care is also highlighted and the conclusion will include the patient's recovery and discharge. There are recommendations at the end of this essay to show forward in the treatment of individuals with cancer.

Patient profile

The identified patient is Mr Smith; seventy-two years old married man with four children and four grandchildren. He is a retired lawyer and lives with his wife in a bungalow in North London. He is a heavy smoker (30-40 cigarettes a day) and a heavy drinker (unstated by the patient). He is regarded as overweight by a difference of 19kg to the considered normal weight

Mr Smith started consulting his general...