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Ghana & Kwame Nkrumah In America, some people think that the citizens of Third-World countires are backwards, uneducated, and lack the skills to live in a modern socity like the United States or some other Western European country. The reason why people would think like this is because of the images on cable where church programs show poor women and children fighting for food like dogs or little African boys killing each other in a civil war that they are to young to really understand. The study of the political ideals and events in Africa and other Third-World countries go far beyond what is seen on CNN or ABC news networks. America and other countires of the First World have nothing to feel good about. It is no secret that most Third-World nations are located in Africa.

One reason for the lack of devopled countires in Africa is the Eurpean colonialism.

Eurpeoan scholars like Margery Perham thought of Africa as a "dark continent" with no history and civilized people-"until the very recent penetration of Europeans the greater part of the continent was without …writing and so without history." With these racist ideologies, European giants like France, Great Britain, and Portugal transform Africa in a place of wealth for themselves. They took a lot of natural resources like gold from Africa and bought their political and economic systems. One country that was colonializied was Ghana. The first person that come to mind when Ghana is the subject of conversation is it's former president Kwame Nkrumah.

To study the devolpment of Ghana, a scholar should also do some research on Nkrumah. To many Ghanaians, he was their George Washington. "Nkrumah was the pre-eminent founder of the movment for African Unity and leading emancipator of Ghana. This research project on Ghana will...