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Africa is affected by Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, or what is commonly known as AIDS, each and everyday. Millions upon millions of Africans have already died from AIDS. Millions more are walking around just waiting for death to fall upon them. More and more children are orphaned and left without money, food, a home or family as a result of this disease. There is no cure for AIDS. Once you contract it, only time will tell how long you will survive. Though there are more AIDS cases in Africa than anywhere else in the world, it does not exist solely on that continent. AIDS is everywhere. It affects us all and it is up to those outside of Africa to take responsibility with regard to the AIDS epidemic on the continent and lend a hand in every way possible.

Imagine getting up in the morning and eating breakfast with your children and one of them is already doomed to die in infancy.

Another may live to be 25 before he or she too dies after contracting AIDS. Imagine sitting with your colleagues at work and every third one of them is fatally ill. Every Saturday you attend funerals of friends and family members that have died from AIDS. This is what it is like for many of the people in Africa. AIDS is more prevalent there than on any other continent. There are many reasons why this is so.

In Africa there is high poverty and low education levels resulting in more risk taking behavior and commercial sex work. Many women are left with no choice but to sell themselves to men who desire their bodies for sex. Each of them is at risk of contracting HIV/AIDS. They really have no true idea about what AIDS is or what...