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"And the Band played on"� AIDS. A virus in which is known to kill many, is portrayed as the key topic of the movie, "And the band played on."� The AIDS virus remained unknown to the general public until the late 1980s, although the war against AIDS began years earlier. Unfortunately, many ignored this deadly virus for years. Some considered this disease to solely fall within homosexual communities, and failed to realize its potential.

"�And the band played on,"� provides an honest, disturbing portrait of the battle's of many, and the struggle to get the word out about the dangers of AIDS. Its main character, Dr. Don Francis, is a young and intelligent man who refuses to give up the search for what's causing the AIDS virus. During his experiments, Francis shares his information with the French, referring to it as "common courtesy."� Soon then, a non trustworthy award winning scientist, by the name of Dr.

Robert Gallo, finds out that Francis is sharing the information with the French, and does not approve or his doing. Now, there is a competition between both scientists, to see who can come up with scientific evidence, to prove this AIDS virus.

While the scientists search for answers, numerous people continue to contract this disease and die within no time. This story gives off many vibes, in which include those of technical elements and touching, emotional moments. Many fought constantly throughout the movie for the equal rights of homosexual men in San Francisco, including the right to keep all bath houses from closing down, due to the speculation that AIDS was most likely contributed within them.

This movie does make one wonder, as of myself, that AIDS is a very serious disease. Although I did have some prior knowledge of...