AIDS, "Generation x disease"

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Aquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

I am doing a report on AIDS, I don't know

much about AIDS but I will tell you what I know. I

know that it is transmitted by sexual

contact,blood,needles,children during/before birth.

I also know it affects the immune system directly, It

is caused by the virus HIV which they have no

cure for either AIDS or HIV at the current

moment, but they are doing serious research on


I call it the 'Generation X Disease' because it

mostly affects my sex-oriented generation. It is

currently one of the leading causes of death in the

USA and the death rate is increasing drastically! It

it the perfect virus of the ninties because of how it is

transmitted is like what the ninties is about... sex

and drugs(what a great generation huh).

Everyone's doing drugs and having pre-marital sex

at a young irresponsable age, it's getting so bad I

am beginning to believe that I am the only normal

person left.

You used to only be able to get an HIV test at

your doctor, but now they have home tests that are

confidential. You go to the store pick one up prick

your finger then mail in the blood sample, in about

two or three weeks you call in and enter your

special pin number and they give you your results. I

think this is cool but there has to be some

drawbacks like them getting samples messed up

and it getting mixed up in the mail or other stupid

things like that, like if you really don't have the

disease but you get someone elses reading who does

have HIV.

Thats about all I know about this horrible

disease,so ill move on to what I found when I

reaserched this topic.