AIDS/HIV in South Africa Write an essay about a problem in a specific country in Africa.

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Ever thought about what would happen if the number of people killed on 9/11 happened every day? Or if one child a minute became infected with the chicken pox, but you couldn't cure it? Or did you ever think about how you would feel if at birth you where only given thirty-five years to live. This is a reality in many countries in the world, including South Africa, and its name is AIDS. Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (known to most as AIDS) is a disease that takes over the body's immune system and makes it unable to defend itself. HIV causes this, which is the first step in AIDS. Just because you have HIV doesn't necessarily mean you will have AIDS. My solution is that you need two to three solutions. We need different plans for the different groups of people affected by AIDS. The first plan is for people who have AIDS now.

The second plan is for people who have a high probably to get AIDS. Three is for people who still aren't born yet.

AID is a very complicated problem. AIDS can only come from HIV. So stop HIV, right? HIV comes from people who have contaminated blood and when this is sexually transmitted or given by drugs with used needles, you have very high chances of getting HIV. So find out who gave it to you by checking with your doctor as soon as possible, right? Wrong again, HIV may not event show up in your bloodstream up to three years from when you got depending on your body. In fact, you may give it to someone else in that time period and he or she may die before it even shows up your blood. That will be having you think that you got the disease from...