Air Campaign in Pacific - World War II

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1. The air power played an important and decisive role during the Second World War. At that time many more air campaigns were also undertaken. From 1941 to 1945 the pacific war was fought between the Japan and the allies. The main focus was the struggle for dominance in the Pacific theatre by both USA and Japan. The theatre of the war was the largest of any in the history. Unlike previous wars, it was decided largely by fighting in the air and in the sea. Due to the predominance of air power in this war, it became imperative for us to study the role of air power in the pacific campaign.

Senior Instructor and gentlemen present, Assalamualaikum and very good afternoon. I as a team leader along with other members of Group - F, would like to present before you the pacific air campaign during WW-II.

2. At the beginning of 1941, Japanese expansion in the pacific was countered by the USA.

Japans occupation of northern Indo - China provoked the USA to impose embargo on Japan; which was supported by the British and Dutch. The USA terminated its trade treaty with Japan and granted more loans to China. A complete halt to all petroleum products by the USA, the British and the Dutch provoked a major crisis and a showdown. Thus, the choice appeared to the Japan either submission to the USA or the use of military force to secure new sources of oil and raw material. Japan selected second option and ultimately involved her in to the war. Japan and the allies carried out number of battles to achieve their respective political objectives.

The pacific campaign was a combination of number of battles. Each battle had its own significance and importance. However, in today's presentation only...