Air Pollution

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Gasoline-powered cars are becoming quite a controversy in society today. An alternative to having gasoline-powered cars that produce pollution in the air is to use electric powered cars. Widespread use of electric powered cars could reduce air pollution because they are run by batteries as opposed to gasoline. The number of these gasoline cars far exceeds the number of electric-powered cars, which exacerbates the pollution problem that our country is facing today.

Gasoline-powered cars produce many harmful substances that are released in the air that are a threat to humans and their environment. The pollution that comes from cars is emitted into the air and causes acid rain. This pollutant is called nitrogen dioxide, which is highly toxic, and helps produce acid rain. Acid rain kills fish in lakes, which is a source of humans' food. The nitrogen oxide that is produced by cars is also really harmful to the human body.

It affects the human respiratory system by causing breathing problems and respiratory infections. A compound called tetraethyl lead use to be put in car to make them run more efficiently. The lead that was used was very harmful to humans especially children. This caused many neurological problems. In 1976 there was a all car manufacturers made automobiles to use only unleaded fuel. This in itself has made a dramatic decrease in the lead that was emitted into the air. In 1997 lead fuel was banned from being used in the United States. These are just a few of the problems that gasoline-powered cars have caused from the pollution it puts off in the environment