Al-Qaeda and its Global Reach

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Al-Qaeda is perhaps one of the most recognized and feared names in the world. The Al-Qaeda group is a terrorist organization that has various cells across the world that operates according to its own will. The leader of the terrorist organization is called Osama Bin-Laden, a former Saudi national who was stripped of his citizenship in Saudi Arabia after his anger was vented against his former country. At the present time he has taken refuge in the mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan where he is under the protection of pro-Taliban tribes. Al-Qaeda has managed to infiltrate almost every democratized or western country in the world including countries such as India, U.S.A, United Kingdom etc. It is a threat to modern society and the operatives of Al-Qaeda are willing to do whatever is necessary in order to achieve their goals. Countries across the world are now realizing the impact that Al-Qaeda has on people and their governments and how it affects normal people with their day-day activities in certain countries.

In this essay the impact of Al-Qaeda in the world is discussed and also some of the consequences that they have brought with them. Another issue that will be discussed will be the effect that Al-Qaeda has on people and the things that are being done by them in order to turn people against democracy and the western world in general.

Al-Qaeda was established in 1989 by Osama Bin-Laden in order to fight the forces of the United States of America that were present in the Middle East. Since he was from a very wealthy family, money was not an issue and therefore he used the wealth from his family to achieve his goals and also to help finance his terrorist organization. Osama started to recruit many people who had...