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In this document we are going to talk about the importance of Alberto Masferrer in El Salvador. Showing the way he wrote different books. We are going to show the biography and contributions to literature in El Salvador and how he thought the society worked the sociological problems that were affecting our country.

Aberto Masferrer was an important and recognized writer in El Salvador, he wrote many books, all of them making critics of the way of living in the country and the sociological problems. He was a polemist, journalist and a thinker. He always criticized the society, showing how awful it was. He fought for justice, his works were always trying to give each person rights, for improve its life.

He is recognized for his works, one of the most important is "El minimum vital" and "El Dinero Maldito". His works makes the people think about the problems they face, and if they want to progress in their lives, people must effort to get the necessary and overcome fears.

Alberto Masferrer tries to show why is important to fight for what is correct, showing the problems the country faces, he tried to make people realize that fight was important, his life was a proof of and constant fight, against politics and government.

He´s most important goals were to improve better education in our country and is a universal thinker, Central Americanism, a man who denounced the injustices and inequalities, and with a very good judgment.

in conclusion was a person who sought the good of the country through their critical judgment and instruct to the people a very good thought and even through generations have passed, it is still remembering as a man who had a lot of courage and safety of himself.



Vicente Alberto Masferrer...