Alexander Graham Bell.

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Alexander Graham Bell, who is sometimes thought of as an "Alexander the Great" by his peers, was born on March 3, 1847 in the town of Edinburgh, Scotland. Throughout his life he has been a great scientific aide to society. Even in his early years from the toddler days to his teenage years he showed signs of intelligence and wide curiosity that was noticed by his family and others around him. One interesting point of his life is how he came to hold the name "Graham" as his parents had never given him a middle name. Some of his little inventions and inspirations in his young years are fascinating and captivating. Furthermore, it was quite remarkable that Aleck, as he was called when he was young and even into his twenties, could cook up some of the ideas that built upon his success in reinventing the telephone to make it work.

Bell was very perceptive of all that went on around him. On his trip to London and his stay with Aleck's grandfather he was a swift pupil of Grandpapa and learned everything with ease. All in all, Bell is one of history's mastermind inventors.

To begin with, Aleck's bearing of the name "Graham" has an interesting tale behind it. Aleck had two brothers, Melville and Edward, and was the middle child of the two. Aleck's full name was Alexander Bell the 3rd because his father was an Alexander and his grandfather was an Alexander. Since so many people in his family had his name Aleck did not care too much for the name and usually went by Aleck. Well, Aleck's father had a close friend from school named Alexander Graham who visited once when Aleck was small. Aleck liked Mr. Graham's last name so much he decided to...