Alexander the Great

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Throughout history, many civilizations are born and then fall prey of misfortune and

cease to exist. Such kingdoms even existed in current time, for example, the Russian

royalty family1. An example of a man that managed at a young age to defy all odds of

misfortune and then to become the greatest leader of all time would be Alexandria III

Philippi Macedonia. Also known as, Alexander the Great. Alexander the Great,

(356-323BC), king of Macedonia, was born in Pella and was the son of Philip II and

Olympias. Aristotle was Alexander's teacher and helped make him a man of science, art

and philosophy with made Alexander distinct, especially since not many men of his time

considered art and philosophy a true leader's trait.2 Ironically, these traits made him such

a great leader.

On the surface, Alexander the Great appears to be similar to many modern

generals and military leaders.

Hitler and Norman Scharttzcopf could all be considered

military geniuses on the same level of Alexander the Great. Other than the fact that they

were military geniuses, no more similarities exist. Hitler and Scharttzcopf were racist and

uncivilized with those that did not share the same point of views. As a result they were

feared by the people that they conquered.3 The opposite was true about Alexander the

Great. Alexander was conquering for self glory and to unify the east. Those that he

conquered were pleased with his rule and phosphord under it.4

More over, at a young age he was an achiever, he conquered territories at an

breathe taking speed, established an empire that has yet to meet its comparison and died

young, at his height of power5.

An example of how current society still relies on Alexander's teaching would be

his military tactics that have just...