Alexander the Great

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Alexander was a very talented young boy. His father, King Philip hired the great philosopher Aristotle to tutor him when he was young. He was trained by his father the many skills of a soldier, so he too could become a ruler someday. Except little did the king know, Alexander would become one of the greatest rulers ever known to the Mediterranean.

One Greek story concerning Alexander as a boy is about the taming of a wild horse. No one could remain on the horses back, as it would rear up and fight. It seemed very wild, until Alexander realized that the horse was frightened of its shadow. He rode toward the sun, so the horses shadow was not visible, and succeeded in riding it.

An additional famous Greek story concerning Alexander is the ledged of the Gordian knot. A former peasant of Phygia, king Gordius used a very abnormal knot to tie the yoke to his chariot.

He said whomever could undo the knot would gain his kingdom. Although people desperately tried to undo the knot, they had no good fortune. When Alexander had his chance, one blow of his sword cut though the knot, and Alexander ruled the king's former land.

When his father died, Alexander decided to complete his unfinished plans. First, he wanted to put down the increasing city of Thebes. When that was completed, he gathered a grand army of Macedonians and Greeks to cross into Asia. Alexander's three imperative victories over the Persians added their kingdom to his own. He also conquered Egypt and the lands Persia formally ruled. Alexander founded many cities, including Alexandria, which was named after him. The great army stopped at the Indus River in Asia, and would not continue.

Alexander brought the customs and learning's of the...