Alexander the Great's life and accomplishments.

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The Life of Alexander the Great

At the age of twenty years old, Alexander's reign of the Macedonian throne began in 336 B.C. following the death of his father, Philip II. Olympias, Alexander's mom, was thought to have assassinated her own husband so that the throne would be prepared for her son. When Alexander became King, he wanted to do great things so that everyone would know that he is King. From the beginning of his reign, he always had a passion for fighting and winning wars. He also noticed that he had many enemies and conspirators and to immediately get them out of the way, he had them all executed. In 335 B.C. he destroyed Thebes, located in upper Egypt, for rebelling against him. In the following year, Alexander had the most amazing military campaign by guiding an army consisting of Greeks and Macedonians fighting against the Persian empire with the goal of taking revenge on Greece in order top fulfill his father's dream.

Throughout his lifetime, he accomplished many things, had incredible defeats, and conquered many countries.

By this, he earned his title of "the great" and was most excellently admired for it. His people saw him as an outstanding motivator, leading men into dangerous, unknown regions, earning much respect and inspiring countless soldiers. Alexander didn't much care about his own safety yet placed all of his concern straight on the goal and the ways in which he would complete it. When in battle, he would like to show his equality between him and his soldiers by riding his war horse on the enemy's front line, experiencing the same risks and threats as they were. People started urging him to get married and have a child to carry on his great title but he was too busy with...