Alexander The Great: Uniter Of Nations

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Alexander the Great: Uniter of Nations Many historians claim that Alexander the Great was the greatest of all conquerors. His empire contained the Eastern Mediterranean, the Middle East, and the northwestern part of India. Alexander spread Greek culture across the western part of his empire, bringing a start to the Hellenistic Age. Although many consider Alexander the Great to be a ruthless conqueror, he was a romantic young leader who dreamt of uniting the nations of the old Persian Empire as one people, creating an empire where all could coexist with their own style of life.

In the beginning of his quest, Alexander knew that this was not to be just a military conquest but also one that would spread the civilization and culture of the Greeks. In this quote from Ulrich Wilcken?s biography on Alexander, it is apparent that Alexander was not just about creating an empire.

?From the very first it was apparent to Alexander, the pupil of Aristotle, that this Asiatic campaign was to be not merely a military expedition but a great civilizing event; for he aimed not only at introducing Greek culture into the East, but also at revealing to the Greeks the nature and culture of Asia.

His campaign was at the same time an enterprise of research and discovery, which was to have new and fruitful results for Greek science. To be sure, he could as yet have had no conception to what extent he would ultimately succeed. No doubt it was only in the course of his victorious advance that these aims assumed a more definite and solid shape.?(Wilcken p. 80) Alexander was shown as the pupil of Aristotle. Aristotle believed of being able to learn from these cultures as well as teach these people of the Greek ways. The journey...