Algeria. DeGaulle and the U.N.'s influence on Algeria's decolonization

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France's colonial Empire before World War Two was second in size only to that of Britain. It had a population one and a half times the size of it homeland and was twenty percent larger. By 1962 however the colonial empire was little more than a remnant of what had been . The process of de-colonization had been a long and arduous one with France fighting tooth and nail to maintain all that it could of its empire. The removal of the French from Algeria was especially painful, due to the Imperialist ideas that remained in minds of France's elite. They believed quite strongly that France's job was to be a colonial Empire and that National pride was based around being a colonial power. Before France was to de-colonize the elite had to re-adjust their political ideas of what made the Nation great. Algeria's de-colonization was especially painful to France because it was one o the few that were left and the French fought desperately to hold on.

If it wasn't for the pressure from the UN and the decision by De Gaulle to give all Algerians a vote in the 1962 referendum the War of Independence may have lasted longer and France would have remained in control of Algeria.

Algeria is a country located in northern Africa bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Algeria has been historically ruled and populated by Arab peoples despite having its own indigenous race known as Berbers . The vast majority of leaders in Algeria have been Arab since 642 A.D. Algeria has also been ruled by a series of commissioned war ship captains from other countries called privateers. Algeria historically has not been very stable country as far a government goes since early Roman rule. Since 642 A.D. Arabs and their Islamic beliefs and customs...