All Men Were Created Equal

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? All men were created equal ? We all have a theory, a motto or maybe just a quirky slogan that helps guide us through our day-to-day existence. These philosophies are as different in meaning as the people that believe in them are. Like many others, I live by a philosophy that helps me keep a positive point of view on life. ? All men are created equal ?, most have at least heard of this concept, but how many truly believe in it or live their lives by this simple idea.

The Idea that ? All men were created equal ? has been drilled into our heads since we were small children. These words were originally put to paper on a hot summer day in July of 1776. The men that founded this country that we all live so comfortably in believed that we all should live by the same set of rules and that each family should prosper along with the next.

Each and every person that considers him or herself an American is blessed with these very basic rights and the responsibility to give fellow man the same rights and freedoms.

Our everyday lives take us in many directions. We all have hopes and dreams that drive us. Some may be money or power driven, possibly driven by knowledge or religion or maybe it is our family, our home and our way of life that gets us moving in the morning. What ever it may be, complacency may be lurking in the shadows. It is very easy to be focused on our goals and lose sight of the feelings and rights of the people around us during this climb to the top of our respective ladders. It is very important that we all take time to acknowledge...