The Allegory of the Cave

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The Allegory of the Cave

The allegory of the cave in Plato's long dialogue in the Republic, another theme he takes up on the exploration of the ideal bureaucratic society that accordingly contains numerous abundant of Plato's central ideas. In here Plato illustrates his configurative notion of his believes that most of us do not know that we live in ignorance and the worst case scenario is that we do not know we are ignorant. In which I find it quite a remarkable idea in which his philosophy has a vastly huge concept on the human mind. I don't even considered it before in my life that I always lived in ignorance like by just accepting things as they are and propounding them only as general knowledge that have been pass over to me as an individual that participates on living in this world with the comprehension mind that there is all to it.

In Plato's illustration on the allegory of the cave exemplify his point of his philosophy. Where he asked that we imagined a cave and there are people in it. And those people are prisoner in there since birth and they are shackled form their feet and hands and their heads are orchestrate in one alignment so that their heads are facing the walls. On these very walls materializes of shadows. The prisoners postulate that these shadows are "reality". As Plato continues to enlighten us that these shadows are mere constructions of fire burning at the cave's entrance, and that it is only a reflection of objects that has been created by objects people carried above the wall that walked by it. So, we have knowledge that the cave dwellers do not have and we apprehend that the cave dwellers have mistaken the shadows for of...