Alternate Energies And Fuels

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Over a hundred years man has exploited various fuel and energy sources which we once thought were abundant, only now we are waking up and beginning to realize just how much work lies ahead to cure mother earth. Not too long ago our suspicions about emissions from various natural gases and were proved right by the thinning ozone layer which is vital to our survival, there had to be new sources of clean energy which we could tap into. The problem with instituting an immediate plan would mean that irrational thought and quick fixes would be implemented, this is most evident with the switch from coal to nuclear energy. Currently the governments around the earth are dependant on sales of oil to run their economies, meaning that if the switch from dirty sources of energies to clean ones is done too quickly it will cause grave economic repercussions. As we slowly reach the end of natural resources there is an ever present danger of economic downfall with the rushed implementation of clean energy sources.

The realization of just how damaging natural gases and other materials were was a shock to many, the first few scientists that were making hypotheses as to how the atmosphere and nature in general would respond to the harsh treatment made the scientists outcasts since the general attitude was that nature can absorb anything. There needs to be more focus on alternative and renewable energy sources such as solar energy, wind power and geothermal energy need to be more thoroughly examined by governments around the world especially by the ones which are more behind the times.

Energies such as solar power whose popularity is greatly improving need to be more researched by not only individuals and companies, but governments of certain countries also. This is not...