Alternate Fuels

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Alternate Fuels

There are many different types of alternate fuels that we can use to power our automobiles. Using these alternate fuels can reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and also make our environment less polluted. Some of the main types of alternate fuels include Bio diesel, Electricity, and Hydrogen. One of the reasons why bio diesel is one of the main alternate fuels is due to the fact that it can be produced in your kitchen. Hydrogen is very efficient for our environment, and doesn't pollute. The only problem with hydrogen fuel cells is that it is very flammable. Electricity gives your car very good gas mileage, but the production of electricity pollutes the environment.

Bio diesel is very efficient, and doesn't heavily pollute our environment. The best thing about bio diesel is that it can be produced in your kitchen. The vegetable oil and fatty acids are filtered to remove the water, and extra contaminates.

Then the oil and fatty acids are mixed with alcohol (usually methanol), and a catalyst (usually sodium hydroxide). Then the triglycerides are broken apart and then made into ester and glycerin. Then the ester and glycerin are purified. There are two main problems with bio diesel, diesel engines are very expensive, and bio diesel's viscosity increases in cold temperature. The oil tends to begin very thick in the wintertime. (

Hydrogen fuels cells are probably one of the most environmentally friendly alternate fuels. Hydrogen also gives the automobile very good gas mileage. There are two main problems with using hydrogen as an alternate fuel, the storage of hydrogen, and hydrogen is very flammable. Scientists are coming up with ways to store hydrogen safely. "One way involves absorbing gaseous hydrogen into activated carbon, a solid that can hold a great...