Although they (American and Korean Soldiers) fought a common enemy and fought side by side, how did the 2 armies think of each other and how did this impact the course of the war?

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A. Plan of the Investigation

With the combined forces of the United Nations, mostly the United States, and the Republic of Korea, the war turned out a stalemate instead of the total control to communism in the Korean peninsula. However, it was never known whether the United States army and Republic of Korea army ever got along with each other. Most people just assume that because they were fighting on the same side, they would get along with no tensions. The aim of this historical investigation will be to verify if this assumption is true. I will supplement my investigation with numerous books about the Korean War, including a couple who were written by actual personal that participated in the war. One book was written by the ROK (Republic of Korea) commander from a translated edition and the other is from a marine served in the front lines of an American company.

By reading these alphabetized sections, one should fully understand the feelings between the 2 armies and how it affected the overall result of the war we know as The Forgotten War.

B. Summary of evidence

1. General Paik Sun Yup's point of view

General Paik Sun Yup was the general of the ROK 1st division during the Korean War. This division along with others were pushed back and forced to retreat ever since the North Korean forces crossed the 38th parallel, the supposed border-line of the two Koreas. When Harry Truman got the approval from Congress to send immediate aid to the South Koreans, General Paik Sun Yup was overwhelmed with thankfulness; however he never truly met any of the personal yet. When he first encountered American soldiers, he had "mixed feelings" but was convinced that they were loyal to the cause of the South Koreans. Then...