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People constantly find new ways of improving their bodies. The four most popular types of body modification are tattoos, piercing, breast surgery and plastic surgery. The main reasons people chose to get tattoos or a body piercing is for self expression and because it's the 'in' thing. People are always trying to fit in and will do just about anything to do so. Women mainly choose to get breast surgery because they want to feel more attractive in public. The acceptance of body modification has grown tremendously over the years. People are now less surprised when they see people on the streets with tattoos and piercings, they're starting to see it as more of a form of self-expression, and less as an alteration to the body.

Tattoos used to be thought of as modification to the body, but now people are seeing it as 'body-art', a form of self expression, and an insight into one's personality.

Rebellion used to be the reason people got tattoos. For example if someone wanted to get a little attention, they got tattoos personifying how they felt about someone or something. However, tattoos have become widely accepted as self expression, and in most cases, a form of art. A man by the name of Samuel O'Reilly was the first famous contemporary tattoo artist. He set up shop in New York's Chatham Square and was very popular in his time. Tattoos were all the rage, all the way to the financial crash of 1929. They became trendy in America again around World War II, with the introduction of new designs like cartoon characters. Tattooing made another leap for the mainstream in the '70s and '80s, when celebrities began sporting them. In the last decade, the policy of global acceptance and worldwide communication has not only made...