American Revolutionary war and the French Revolution:

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The American Revolution and the French Revolution both took place in the late seventeen hundreds and had many similarities and differences. My research has led me to believe that similar things triggered them. ÒThe United States sought to separate from the tyrannical hand of British rule, while France wanted to overthrow a government where the rich plundered the poor, and the privileged church grew wealthier at the expense of spiritual impoverishmentÓ triggered both revolutionsÓ (1). While the motivation for these revolutions were similar the men responsible for starting them had completely different beliefs. ÒOne group stood for a Biblical mode of government, while the other group wanted to become the new aristocracy, their hate fueling their desire for a new government.Ó (2).

The French revolution was sparked by the desire for change. ÒThe royalty and their lords and ladies, began to demand higher and higher taxes from the working class.

They did this without any consent from the people, and while the people worked, the royalty frittered away the peopleÕs money on elaborate, beautiful castles and bloody foreign wars. Meanwhile, the people lived in squalor. Slowly a middle class began to emerge which changed the dynamic of the French system of government. As the middle class became stronger, they started to rebel against the tyranny imposed on them by the upper classes.Ó (2) The American Revolution and eventually the Revolutionary war started because ÒEngland seemed to forget that the colonists in America were just as much British citizens as themselvesÓ. While the colonists felt that their British heritage and citizenship was enough to earn them the respect of the British government, it was made very clear that the government did not feel this way.

One of the major differences between these two revolutions is the way people addressed the problems.