Analise how links between the beginning and end of the novel 'Lord of the Flies' written by William Golding helped you to understand a main theme or issue

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The novel “Lord of the flies” is written by William Golding, inspired by his own personal experiences, during World War II. Through out the novel “lord of the flies” links are shown between the beginning and end which help you to understand the main theme. In the novel a group of school boys aged from 6-12 are traveling on a plane, evacuating from England when they are shot down and crash-land onto a deserted island. The pilot dies and only the young school boys survive. This allows us to discover there innocence, dependence on adults and rules of society, as the story unfolds further. There innocence is linked from the Beginning to the end by using the different characters, there actions and certain symbols. The main theme of the novel is that all human beings have a dark side that can cause the breakdown of individual and community moral standards.

This theme traces the imperfections of society back to the imperfections of the human nature. These Society’s hold everyone together, and with out these conditions, our ideas, values, and the basics of wrong and right are lost. With out these fixed rules savagery can break out among groups of people. Golding also shows that principals come directly from our surroundings and if there is no civilization around us we will lose these important values.

Golding begins the story with the naked boy Ralph having fun in the sand, he dances around naked and dives into the pools of water not seeming phased by what has happened. This first part of the story shows the natural innocence of this boy as he does not fully understand what has happened. When he talks to the boy Piggy we see Ralph is adamant that his father who works in the...